Building synthetic quantum systems with photons, ions and neutral atoms

Summer semester 2021

Nowadays, it has been possible to achieve control of quantum systems to an enormous degree on different hardware platforms. In this seminar we will discuss a variety of experiments based on assemblies of either photons, neutral atoms or ions, that highlight their capabilities to study quantum effects ranging from high precision measurements to complex many-body phenomena.

We schedule it currently as a weekly lecture. However, we would also be happy to set it up as a two or three day workshop in September if student interest is big enough. We will discuss this on the first lecture.

The proposed topics include


  • Bell inequalities
  • Cloning
  • EIT et light storage
  • Super and subradiance
  • Boson sampling

Neutral atoms

  • Tweezer and atom sorting
  • Quantum gas microscopes
  • Super solids
  • Optical lattice clock


  • Cooling and clocks
  • Schrödinger cat
  • Trotterization in ion chains