A Setup for Creating Arbitrary Potentials in a Two-dimensional 39K BEC with a Digital Micromirror Device


This thesis presents a setup capable of creating arbitrary potentials for a two-dimensional Bose-Einstein condensate. A Digital Micromirror Device is used to spatially modulate and thus shape a laser beam. Reimaged to the position of the atomic cloud, this laser beam can create spatially configurable potentials. Numerical calculations of the resulting potentials and light intensities in the trapping region are carried out for 39K and a laser with a wavelength of 532nm. Special emphasis is given to the implementation of variable intensities (grayscales) via spatial averaging and mitigation of diffraction effects. It is shown that a high resolution of the DMD is crucial for maximum grayscales and mitigation of distortions. Results from a test setup are presented along with two algorithms aiming at the minimization of distortions and diffraction effects. This setup can be transferred to the main experiment with only small modifications.