Building up a modular Na-K quantum gas experiment


This thesis describes the construction of a second generation, ultracold atomic mixture experiment, aiming for modularity, robustness and compactness. The setup is designed to work with Bose-Fermi (23Na, 40K) and Bose-Bose (23Na, 39K) mixtures. The experimental setup consists of two separate two-dimensional magneto-optical traps (2D-MOTs) which pre-cool the atoms to efficiently load them into the dual-species three dimensional magneto-optical trap (3D-MOT). This serves as a source of cold atoms for further steps of the experiment. During the course of this thesis, the mobile vacuum system as well as the laser system was built up for both species, culminating in the recent observation of a sodium 3D-MOT.

Lilo Höcker
Lilo Höcker
PhD Student