Quantum transport of ultracold atoms in disordered potentials


In this thesis we study the quantum transport of matter waves with ultracold atoms. Such ultracold atom systems provide a very good control and a high flexibility of the parameters of the systems like the interactions, its dimensionality and the external potentials. This makes them a great tool for the investigation of several fundamental concepts of condensed matter physics. We focus on the quantumtransport in disordered media. It differs to classical transport by the fundamental role played by inference phenomena, which can eventually lead to the suppression of transport; known as Anderson Localization. Observing the expansion of a Bose-Einstein condensate in a strong light disorder, we show evidence for Localization of ultracold atoms in three dimensions. In the last part of this manuscript we discuss the observation of Coherent Backscat- tering of ultracold atoms, which is a direct signal of the role of quantum coherence in quantum transport in disordered media. We observe the time evolution of the momentum distribution of a cloud of ultra-cold atoms, launched with a narrow velocity distribution in a disordered potential. A peak emerges in in the backwards direction, corresponding to the CBS signal.